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Welcome to the unofficial Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 wiki, a collaborative platform for sharing strategies about the game.
Here is where we will be keeping campaign, a ship database, tips and tricks, strategies,
and anything related to our overall gaming so we can all access and enjoy it.

We're currently looking to update the canon of each pages we have. Specifically, Lexicanicum and Tabletop lists, plot and lore.
Add the pages to the relevant box below to make everything accessible from the front page.

When making a page tag content pages with an underscore and the first letter of the page. This lets it show up in the glossary which is cool.

Also, add snippets. Just little things you would get from a place with a knowledge local check. very capable of being quite cool.

To Do list: (for members)

  • Finish Page1 of the Interactive Ship Wiki.
  • Update the Factions tab with BFG2 Content.
  • Update the Concepts section.
  • Add more modding tutorials.
  • Create a new toolkit for pak modding.

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Do note that this wiki is still in development and unfinished. If you have any comments/suggestions please leave a post on our Wiki Discussion Board!

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Patches 5&6 are out!
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Chaos Campaign Released!
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