Dedicated to anything and everything mod related for BFG2!
Rundown: [10] Mods currently Released
The following all come with the Mod Manager:

  • Skalgrim Mod 1.6
  • Greater Customization submod
  • Veritatem Imperialis 2
  • Veritatem Imperialis II-Dominatus Beta
  • Youjo Senki Music Modpack
  • Battlefleet Gothic Extended Music Pack
  • Master Key Demo
  • BFG2 Cinematic Shader

Also available from ModDB are:

  • Dark Age of Technology
  • SOLO Music Mod Pack

Current Modding Tools:

  • BFG2 Modtoolkit V8.2+
  • UE4 BFG2 Template Project
  • BFG2ModManager

Do note that from now on mods will be packaged for the mod manager, which comes loaded with the listed mods.

Quick Links:

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Battlefleet Gothic Mod Manager:

  • Comes pre-loaded with 8 mods.
  • Installation is so simple even an Ork could do it!
  • Allows you to enable/disable mods with the flick of a switch, and revert back to vanilla at anytime.
  • Future mods will be packaged for easy loading for the manager : )

Download Link for the Mod Manager and all Related Mods:

Toolkit Links:

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Now featuring twice as many ships, unique titans and a fearsome arsenal!

Veritatem Imperialis 2:

Manual Download Link

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A complete overhaul of BFG2, featuring larger battles and rosters.

Skalgrim Mod:

Manual Download Link

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A 40k Overhaul mod for the Imperium

Dark Age of Technology:

  • [Features custom ships, weapons and abilities]
  • [Author: TaxaCab]
  • A full overhaul mod of the 3 imperial factions based off the Dark Age of Technology.

Download Link

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A full feature fan-made Tau Campaign

Tau'va Initiative:

  • [Features custom graphics, voice lines, cinematics, 50+ new ships and more]

Military Campaigns

Download Link

  • [- Currently in development]

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A Cinematic re-shade of BFG2

BFG2 Cinematic Shader:

  • [Features custom graphics]
  • Requires Re-shade installed to function.

Download Link

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Youjo Senki Music Modpack:

  • Replaces the defualt game music with over 1 hour of tracks from the Youjo Senki series (Saga of Tanya the Evil)
  • The music has been customized towards fitting within the games 40k theme, and features unique tracks for the menu and campaign music.
  • This mod works with multiplayer and does not require EAC to be disabled.

Download Link

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Battlefleet Gothic Extended Music Pack:

  • Includes 22 new tracks, combining the best of BFG1 and 2!
  • Increases the base music variety by 500% as well as adding previously unused tracks to the mix.
  • This mod works with multiplayer and does not require EAC to be disabled.

Download Link

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Veritatem Imperialis II-Dominatus:

  • This is the Dominatus Addon version of the mod, including even more Admech and Marine ships.
  • The Mechanicus has been fully revamped as a long range, expensive faction with more powerful boarding abilities.

Manual Download Link

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Greater Customization submod:

  • This submod lets you change the campaign settings to a greater extent and also lets you have larger fleets amongst other things.
  • Increases the base setting sliders variety by 400%.
  • Can be used as a standalone mod for the vanilla game.

Manual Download Link

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BF2G SOLO MusicPack:

  • Includes over 20 new tracks and themes from the Star Wars SOLO Feature Film.
  • All licenses belong to their respective owners.
  • This mod works with multiplayer and does not require EAC to be disabled (compatible with overhauls).

Download Link

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